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Samsung Chromebook 2 appears on camera, then hides from delivery

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A video look at Samsung’s Chromebook 2 surfaced earlier in the week, showing off the company’s refreshed Chrome OS(s goog) laptop. Overall, the device looked impressive, handing a YouTube video with ease, even with multiple tabs open including one that was streaming music.

Such performance is important because the chip powering the Chromebook 2 is one of Samsung’s and it’s far more potent than the processor in the company’s original Chromebook. Unfortunately, we won’t be getting our own looks at the Chromebook 2 any time soon. After beginning U.S. pre-orders early in April, Samsung has reportedly delayed availability until late May.

On this week’s Chrome Show podcast we share our observations of the Chromebook 2 video and also share a few new Chromecast developments: and a hack to stream Google Play Music to an Apple(s aapl) TV. Tune in below or download the podcast here for this week’s show.

One Response to “Samsung Chromebook 2 appears on camera, then hides from delivery”

  1. Tony M.

    Dear Kevin,

    To pick up from our other thread regarding the Venue as an always-on, low-power PC, I’ve ordered the 13″ Samsung Chromebook for the the ultimate in 1080p, low maintenance computing. I hope the next generation of the Venue supports 1080p for a seamless remote computing environment.

    The Lenovo Thinkpad 8 does 1080+ so if I find one of those with 64gb on sale for $250-$300, I’ll likely give the Dell to my father.

    I just can’t believe how much the Atom chips are doing to evolve my approach to full Windows computing.