Vanishing message app Confide launches on Android, adds email sharing

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Confide is like Snapchat, the popular app that lets users send disappearing messages and photos, but for the executive crowd. When it launched in January, Confide’s founders predicted that it would find a niche in the business world among those who wanted to share sensitive information without a paper trail.

On Thursday, the company announced that Confide, which until now has only been available on Apple(s aapl) devices, works on Android(s goog) too. As before, the service works by requiring message recipients to “wand” (drag) their fingers over text to see the message content, which then disappears.

Confide now also includes a feature to share disappearing emails. According to founders Jon Brod and Howard Lerman, Confide will soon also have desktop integration, which will let users right-click to share documents that can only be read once before they disappear.

In a phone interview, Brod and Lerman said the app is gaining traction among the VC community, but declined to offer specific metrics. They said that Confide stands out in a crowded market — these days there are a slew of other messaging and confidential sharing tools like Wikr, Hash and Tiger Text — because of its focus on the business world, and because of its team’s past experience building enterprise tools.(Lerman is CEO of marketing company Yext, while Brod was a long-time exec at AOL).

As I’ve noted before, the service has intuitive appeal in an era where every email and text message can quickly end up as a piece of legal evidence — though it’s too soon to say if it will catch on, or if corporate boards and regulators will find its use conflicts with record keeping obligations.

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What’s wrong with sending a text that says “call me” and then discussing the sensitive topic? No paper trail, problem solved without sinking money into a start-up.

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