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Need an iPhone battery boost? Install iOS 7.1.1

After installing iOS 7.1.1 when it became available on Tuesday, I thought I saw a marked improvement in my iPhone’s(s aapl) battery life. I’m not the only one as ZDNet’s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes noted the same on Thursday, sharing results from multiple six-hour battery tests. Prior to the update, his iPhone battery would drop from 100 percent capacity down to 48 percent. After installing iOS 7.1.1, his iPhone battery is only falling to 76 percent from a full charge in a test cycle. Several commenters on his article agree or have seen similar results, so if you haven’t updated to iOS 7.1.1, I recommend doing so sooner rather than later.

63 Responses to “Need an iPhone battery boost? Install iOS 7.1.1”

  1. Wish I hadn’t updated my iPhone 5…I never had any issues with battery life…I do now! How hard is it for Apple with all it’s money to thoroughly test before release…or give people the ability to downgrade when issues like this arise. I’ve supported and owned iPhones from the very original one…I’m disappointed, and considering moving on.

  2. Before the upgrade to 7.1.1 battery life wasn’t great on my 5s, but it didn’t drop on average by 15-20% per hour on standby or rapidly diminish faster during use to the point of watching battery percentage drop by the minute like a power hungry meter. The phone is also on occasions heating up during use, but also on standby or when charging which never happened before the recent upgrade. Almost everything in the background is switch off with no data, apps or location services running. The next upgrade will probably be months away too.

  3. i heard this upgrade would force users to upgrade to iphone 5’s

    basically my phone rep said upgrade now or don’t install the next upgrade

    he also said wait for the 6S

  4. Deathstarsleeps

    Since the very beginning of IOS7, my 4S has had chronic rapid battery loss. I read a bunch of comments on apple forums complaining about the same thing. Phone was absolutely fine then after update to 7, phone gets hot and discharges all power. Now after 7.1.1 I have even worse battery life to the point where it’s dangerous to travel far from a power source. I ride trails every weekend and if I ever became stranded I would have no phone to call for help. After the new update I now get “wrong number” messages and am constantly being asked to enter my Apple ID password. This has become ridiculous. Funny how after Jobs died everything started going to Hell. Even the cries of the fanboys over at the apple forums are now being ignored. It’s like Apple refuses to acknowledge this issue.

  5. OrionIV

    Not seeing an improvement but poorer battery life to the point that I’m almost watching the battery percentage drop in front of my eyes. All background resources have been shut down and have done multiple re-boots to no avail!

  6. Steve young

    Since updating to iOS 7.1.1 my phone switches off and on every 4 mins starts off with freezing with green lines down the screen switches off then I get the apple sign with white writing at the top of screen I then have to hard reset the phone and just carrys on for aprox an hour then ok for several hours then starts again spoke to apple they not interested so I have emailed Tim cook himself let’s see what happens. Prob nothing

  7. Rich Quigley

    7.1.1 may improve battery life… or if you are like me and updating over wifi, it may BRICK your phone. Yes, dead, won’t turn on. Oddly only the UK press is reporting on this issue with 7.1.1. Make sure you backup your info before attempting to update.

  8. Applesfera

    Actually, I also see no difference that my battery is living longer. Sorry, but its the same old s…, the only thing that would help here is to exchange the battery I think.

  9. @no, before you go blaming the iOS developers you should punch yourself in the face for updating such a sophisticated and commodious OS because you got a little notification on your phone. Oh well.. its the people like yourself that we learn from. Btw, the Apple Developers are second to Steve Jobs in what they do. Although they do make mistakes from time to time, their mistakes are still producing a product that has innovated the mobile phone industry to become what it is today. I doubt the reason for IOS 7.1.1 was to fix user errors such as the ones you probably made because you don’t know how to use it besides make uneducated comments towards one of the most respected companies in the world.

    • Too_Real

      Stop suckin apple like that. He updated because he read about the improved battery and he got the opposite. So punch yourself in the face for being a fan boy and being ignorant.

      • And yet others have posted that they have seen a improvement in the length of time that their phone lasts. If that’s the case–and there’s not reason to doubt them–then what does that make you?

      • James

        Exactly right. My wife refuses to update from ios 5 because her iphone 4S works exactly the way she wants it to not apple or anyone else. I, on the other hand updated my ipod 5th gen now what was a perfectly functioning airplay to my raspberry pi doesn’t work. Updating ain’t all that.

  10. This is the worst crap show I’ve ever seen. My phone drained in less than 4 hours on standby. I have been charging it all day, and it’s still only at 95%. Apple better be firing a bunch of Devs on this one. I have turned off every single feature on my phone possible. It is now an old school cell phone from 2000, but with an LCD. Unbelievable.

  11. Nitish Jain

    The Iphone 4s/4 seem to have to chronic issue with battery, where the phone only gets charged when switched off. Wonder what is Apple doing about that

  12. My iPhone will not charge after installing 7.1.1 now my iphone is slowly dying and there will be no way to fix it once it turns off. This has already happened to others. Google it.