Grand opening for IBM Cloud Marketplace is on for next week


IBM (s ibm) has been talking a lot of cloud in all its incarnations for the past year — it has a hundred SaaS apps geared for any number of job rolls. It bought SoftLayer for $2 billion in June. And next week it hopes to bring a lot of that together in a new SoftLayer-based IBM(s ibm) Cloud Marketplace, said several sources who have been briefed on the company’s plans. Actually, an early version of the site is already up Thursday but things will probably change by next week.

The goal is to put all of IBM’s and related third-party cloud products in one place so customers and partners can find them, try them, and buy them — for a week, a month, whatever. It’s sort of IBM’s take on’s AppExchange, although one source likened it more to Rackspace’s(s rax) CloudTools marketplace.

IBM is managing a tricky transition from its older IBM code-based cloud portfolio to SoftLayer’s cloud — something that SoftLayer CEO Lance Crosby will likely talk about at Structure in June.

The IBM Cloud Marketplace news is slated to come at the IBM Impact event in Las Vegas on Monday. IBM would not comment for this story.

The marketplace is part of IBM’s effort to build relevance for its brand in the new world of cloud computing where it faces off with traditional rivals like HP, Dell and others but, more importantly, with Amazon(s amzn) Web Services, which has a large lead in public cloud computing and is increasingly contending with IBM, the king of enterprise IT companies, in the enterprise.

IBM Cloud Marketplace



Speed Matters

Highly irrelevant – monolithic legacy company fighting to stay relevant but as usual too slow. The opposite of market competitive pricing, agility and flexibility is IBM. If you want cloud services think Rackspace, Amazon and yes Azure not IBM, HP or Dell.

Mind Dots Software Systems Pvt Ltd

Thanks, all large companies wanted to have cloud market place because its catching among small/ mid IT companies for unified billing/ access rather managing multiple vendors. We are also working on similar lines, please check out and let us know your feedback


So IBM has caught up with EVERY other tech company with a cloud marketplace. Nice. Much like they finally have a search product (Watson) now that the enterprise search is almost dead (and comes free with SharePoint). I have seen the future of IBM and it is five years ago.

Mohammed Farooq

Good News for the Industry. Marketplaces from cloud providers like IBM will standardize the billing and provisioning API’s for customers for all cloud services.

Customers can now setup its own marketplace of preferred cloud providers by connecting to this billing and provisioning API’s offered by these marketplace API’s. CIO’s can also enable built in governance for usage, SLA compliance and cost.

This will enable Enterprises to operate a true agile IT Supply Chain for consuming IT as a Service

The big pole in the tent in Enterprise IT with respect to cloud has been vendor selection, procurement and governance. These new marketplaces API’s being enabled by providers is an opportunity to lower the adoption of cloud services at an Enterprise level.

Anonymous Coward

If only customers / clients knew what really happens inside IBM. Head over to to get the inside details on how IBM products are developed and supported. I’m sure that after a quick read they’ll think twice before making a deal with IBM.

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