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Chrome Show: Could Motorola revive the LapDock with a phone-powered Chromebook?

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It has become pretty standard to hear about patent licensing deals between Microsoft(s msft) and Android(s goog) device makers. Motorola Solutions is the latest to sign one but it’s not just about Android; the deal also covers Chrome OS devices. Interestingly, Motorola doesn’t make any Chrome OS devices so this could lay the groundwork for the company to change that.

Taking things one step further: Motorola tried to create a new market for phones that power laptops. Remember the unsuccessful LapDock that used an Android phone to run Linux on a shell computer? Instead of just having a Linux partition and custom user environment on such a phone, perhaps Motorola adopts Chrome OS for a second take on its LapDock concept. We discuss that in detail and hit more of the latest Chrome OS news on this week’s podcast, so tune in and join us!

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Today’s Chrome Show episode is sponsored by New Relic.

Hosts: Janko Roettgers and Kevin C. Tofel

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App / Extension of the week: WikiTube

2 Responses to “Chrome Show: Could Motorola revive the LapDock with a phone-powered Chromebook?”

  1. cpmartin3

    Hi Guys.

    Motorola Solutions and Motorola Mobility are 2 completely separate companies. Motorola Solutions licensing deals have no impact on Motorola Mobility’s (soon to be Lenovo’s) potential plans on making a Chromium based device.

    • Correct and thanks for pointing that out! :)

      I think such a device that we’re discussing actually makes even more sense in the enterprise sector although I’d like to see a similar one arrive for consumers.