4 AXYZ’s 3D printed wood launches on Indiegogo

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4 AXYZ, which plans to use additive manufacturing to make relatively affordable custom furniture and accessories out of high-quality wood, launched a campaign on Indiegogo today. 4 AXYZ hopes to raise $1 million to go toward research and development and the purchase of a $1.5 million machine it needs to begin making furniture. Backers can choose between items like photo frames and dining sets, but 4 AXYZ also plans to eventually offer electronics-studded furniture that would bring increased connectivity to households.

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First, really need to stop calling this 3D printed wood.

Second, this company has been dancing for long enough and the IndieGoGo video (as well as everything they have on Youtube) just talks around the actual material and process…

…and it shows, only three folks have contributed $150 in a day when they need $17K a day just to make their goal.

Show me the actual material and process and if it is truly as revolutionary as they say, I will gladly contribute.

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