First generation Apple TVs unable to connect to iTunes store since Thursday


First generation Apple TVs(S appl) have lost their ability to connect to iTunes, according to a 25-page-long thread on Apple’s support forum. Users report they cannot connect to the iTunes store to download or stream movies, TV shows and podcasts, although most internet functions, such as Youtube, are working. The issue appears to be widespread and worldwide, implying an issue on Apple’s backend. Users first noticed the issue last Thursday. Apple has yet to state whether this is a temporary glitch or an intentional change to functionality. The first generation Apple TV was released in 2007 and sold until 2010. The glitch does not affect the second or third generation models.



Buck Virga-Hyatt

Apple just told me that this problem should be fixed. Haven’t tried it on mine yet. Might need to be restarted though.

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