After settling with Comcast, Netflix takes on AT&T in peering fight

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Hey, Ma Bell! Your peering policies are so lame, your fiber network is slower than DSL! That’s essentially the insult that Netflix (S NFLX) is flinging at AT&T (S T) in a shareholder letter accompanying the streaming video service’s first quarter financials. The gist of the accusation is that by refusing to sign an interconnection deal with Netflix, AT&T’s customers are getting a streaming experience that sucks. It’s the same tactic Netflix employed with Comcast, putting the customer in the middle of an esoteric fight about internet interconnection agreements. Absent FCC intervention, we’ll see if the Netflix strategy works a second time around.

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Comcast is one thing, (being a real provider,) and so I and say touche to Netflix! If you had any insight Stacey you would see that negotiation kicking and dragging serves the consumer cause every bit as much as it does Netflix.

ATT is bottom of the barrel and needs to serve its customers better – for many years now – and if Reed shames them into better service before paying for peering I say god bless him!

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