Sorting through the OpenStack nuttiness

The beauty of open-source software projects is the passion they generate from so many people. The drawback of open-source software projects can be that same sort of passion. with so many developers and so many vendors involved, there is often a proliferation of projects that can confuse the issue — and customers. That’s what happened around the whole OpenStack and PaaS situation. That’s one topic that OpenStack COO Mark Collier and Executive Director Jonathan Bryce take on in the latest Structure Show podcast.

OpenStack is the four-year old cloud framework initially pushed by NASA and Rackspace(s rax) but now backed by a huge array of companies from Cloudscaling and Mirantis to IBM(S ibm), HP(s hpq), Cisco(s csco), you-name-it.  But various partisans keep adding new projects and capabilities, which is what happened with the whole Project Solum mess. Solum was a PaaS-like project pushed initially by Rackspace that seemed to muddy the water about whether OpenStack was basic infrastructure or would also evolve into a higher-level PaaS. right now there is already an open-source PaaS option in Cloud Foundry, backed by many of the same vendors as OpenStack itself, so there was some confusion.

OpenStack Foundation COO Mark Collier sought to clarify this with us last week, noting that just because someone sparks up a project, doesn’t mean that project will be incorporated into OpenStack.

“There’s some confusion around projects that are floating around outside OpenStack that are related to but not part of OpenStack — and may never be a part of OpenStack,” he said. “When we looked at things related to OpenStack including Solum, it’s a very long list. The way the process works is a small subset [of these projects] apply for incubation and if approved there’s an 18 month or longer phase [before they can go into] the  integrated release. Solum has not even applied for incubation and I’m not sure if they will.”


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Given that Rackspace, a big Solum backer, has since signed on for Cloud Foundry, this issue may evaporate. Or not.

For more on what’s up with OpenStack, including the biggest features of the new Icehouse release, check out our full Structure Show podcast with Collier and OpenStack Foundation Executive Director Jonathan Bryce. And don’t forget, we’ll discuss how OpenStack, CloudStack and Eucalyptus private cloud deployments will fit into the overall landscape at Structure in June. 




OpenStack Foundation COO Mark Collier (L) and Executive Director Jonathan Bryce (R)
OpenStack Foundation COO Mark Collier (L) and Executive Director Jonathan Bryce (R)