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Twitter announces mobile app install cards

App developers will have a new way to reach potential users on Twitter (s twtr): The company announced Thursday that it will support mobile-app install cards, meaning that users can install apps directly from a tweet. The ads will be powered by MoPub, the ad exchange Twitter acquired in the fall of last year, and will work for both iOS (s aapl) and Android (s goog) phones. The apps are installed via Twitter’s Card system, and Twitter mentioned participation from Spotify, Kabam, HotelTonight and Deezer. It’s arguably Twitter’s highest-value ad yet, and could stand to bring in good revenue for the company as it establishes its ad network.

One Response to “Twitter announces mobile app install cards”

  1. As long as this crap is unobtrusive , do what you want, besides I NEVER EVER buy from ads and I usually seek out competitors of the people that are obnoxious!

    Dont wreck the experience Twitter, cause I will quit you like that!