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Welcome Kif Leswing, Gigaom’s newest mobile writer

We’ve added a new member to the team: Kif Leswing is our new mobile writer based in New York. Kif jumped into the mix right away on Monday, noting how Google’s distribution strategy so far with Google Glass mimics that of high-end fashion brands (even if it’s a pretty ugly product) and taking a look at Microsoft’s new Office subscription plan.

Mobile computing is the workhorse of this generation, and we’re lucky to have a strong team here at Gigaom covering technology that has gone from the fringe to the mainstream in just seven years. Kif will focus on writing about the smartphones, tablets, and apps that enable the mobile world, joining Kevin Tofel, who is also looking at the development of wearable computing, and Kevin Fitchard, who tracks the wireless networks that make all of these devices compelling.

Kif comes to us from Gizmodo and Wired, and is probably the only Gigaom writer who has ever booked KRS-One for a gig. He’s a graduate of Oberlin College and former lacrosse player for “the perennially winless Yeomen,” as he put it.

Please welcome Kif (pronounced like the proper way to pronounce GIF). You can follow him on Twitter @kifleswing and contact him here.