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Netflix reportedly launching in Germany in September

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Netflix (S NFLX) will open up shop in Germany in September, according to a report from Germany’s Curbed that quotes “multiple people with knowledge of the process.” The company has been working on an advertising campaign to run in big cities in the country to introduce its service to prospective German customers, according to Curbed.

Netflix first announced last year that it plans a major expansion into continental Europe in the second half of 2014, but the company hasn’t said yet which countries it is targeting for that expansion, or when exactly it wants to launch.

A Netflix spokesperson declined to comment when asked about this latest report, but the information unearthed by Curbed matches chatter I have been hearing about Netflix buying advertising in anticipation of a launch in Germany.

And in January, Netflix was looking to fill spots on its European PR team, with applicants being told that “Dutch, the Nordic languages, German and French are a plus.” Netflix launched in the Nordic countries in 2012, and expanded to the Netherlands in 2013.

Image courtesy of (CC-BY-SA) Flickr user gfhdickinson.

3 Responses to “Netflix reportedly launching in Germany in September”

  1. Nicole Simon

    Unless they are willing to bring original content in original voice (aka the US catalogue) they will meet with lots of competition, already established.

    I assume that like Amazon they will not go for english versions over the usual rights disputes (content owners); in case of Amazon it is especially idiotic to not even have OV on their own series … making such a offering in Prime not enough reason to stay on prime.

    I as many other people want OV versions – that is what we are willing to pay for. Otherwise it is much easier and more convinient (!) to order DVD / Blueray and then exchange / resell and the like.

    btw I truly understand copyright restrictions and legal entanglements. I also understand how to use a VPN.