Oh Snap! Chrome OS gains a Windows 7 app docking feature


Google’s(s goog) Chrome OS is looking more and more like a traditional desktop operating system when it comes to usability and familiarity. Now, when using a Chrome app that normally opens in a small window, you can drag it to the side of your display and the main browser will automatically re-size to make room. Microsoft(s msft) introduced a similar feature called Snap in Windows 7 and it works the same in Chrome OS. That’s likely not a coincidence. Working in a browser-based environment is a big change for some after decades of using Microsoft Windows. By replicating existing usability and navigation features, Chrome OS becomes more familiar to new users.


Rann Xeroxx

Not sure of your “cause and effect” conclusion. I don’t think that snap is intuitive or useful because people are use to it in Windows. Its intuitive and useful because the concept itself is intuitive and useful regardless of past experience.

Danny McVey

Woah there, cowboy. Nobody said anything about intuitiveness, and the article certainly isn’t comparing Windows and Chrome OS. I’m sure your Chromebook knows that you love it very much, and doesn’t need you to pick fights for it.


If I could do java development on it (locally not cloud) I would be 100 percent google. Phone Computer and soul.

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