Former Googler and Kyte CEO Daniel Graf joins Twitter as product development executive


Daniel Graf, who led a number of Google Maps development projects over his years with the company, announced today that he will be taking a new job as vice president of Consumer Product at Twitter. Graf comes to the social media platform after two years within Google’s Maps team, where he is most widely credited for bringing Google Maps back to the iPhone after Apple introduced its own Maps equivalent.

Before Google, Graf spent six years as the CEO of Kyte, an online and mobile video platform that snuck in on the ground floor of the smartphone media industry. He left after the company was acquired by KIT Digital in 2011.

In his decision to join Twitter, Graf brings with him a deep understanding of mobile products, which are extremely important to social media companies. It will be interesting to watch Graf’s impact on Twitter’s product development team, which has had several leaders over the company’s short history, and how he will work with recently acquired technologies like Android lockscreen Cover to produce a mobile product that possibly expands beyond the microblogging platform.



Hi Lauren,

Thanks for covering this in your blog. It will be interesting.

Comment to Daniel Graf…if he reads this one day….


I love Google Maps, though I would be hesitant to rely on it based on experience with other Google properties, for instance Youtube (ie. you make lists, include pertinent videos, someone complains, videos disappear, purpose of your list is lost; later find out complaint was bogus, someone just did not like something in that video makes it more egregious.) So if my business depended on mapping, I would have a default mapping technology that was compatible with Google to insulate my business against a Google move that impacts my use of Google Maps.

Twitter is (and has been) the number 1 ‘breaking’ news source in the world. When you want news about a topic that anyone else would prefer you not hear about (for many different reasons, usually surrounding their power and cash) you can search on twitter and get links to exactly what is going on (ie. 1st week of Fukushima disaster, experts reported that no one in the world would have technology to stop it for the next decade, yet many still have not heard that due to restrictions on mainstream media and what they are willing to report about).

I can only imagine how much Twitter will improve with you onboard. Thus the reason for my next paragraph, based on your Tweet and Twitters drive up by over $4 today.

Daniel Graf ‏@danielgraf Apr 15

Followed Maps to find that the flock was just around the corner – excited to take wing with the @twitter product team…

On Mad Money tonight 4/16 (6pm EDT) on CNBC Jim Cramer showed an example of how High Frequency Trading (HFT) is the ONLY explanation for market forces driving the NYSE, NASDAQ and S&P down before driving them back up. He also mentioned how, Twitter bottomed at 1:05, after your tweet at 1:10p that you were going from Google to Twitter, the stock rallied. Jim also mentioend that the insider letter explaining they were not going to sell their stock has helped as well.

I believe what Jim highlighted on his show tonight, on how HFT has been driving the market down and than a little back up before the market close, has happened every day over the last 5 trading days.

During Squawk on the Street this week, Jim mentioned that the market was behaving in ways not seen in 30 years of experience. (dealing with interest rates, direction of other equities up/down).

I personally believe only HFT accounts for this.

I figured you might be interested in how your tweet moved the market and how you were depicted in the episode, all positive. Congrats on your new roll.

One day you will look back at your career and I wonder which company will stand out more, because the future is always bright!


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