Check out Gooseberry, the upcoming animated feature film from the makers of Sintel

Remember Big Buck Bunny and Sintel? Sure you do: The two animated short films have been a staple of product demos for smart TVs, streaming devices and video player apps for years, in part because their stunning production quality, and in part because both are Creative Commons-licensed, liberally allowing reuse.

The Blender Foundation, which was behind both films, now plans to produce an animated feature film called Gooseberry.

The foundation, which is using these kinds of films to show off the capabilities of its open source 3D software, is currently raising funds for Gooseberry through a crowdfunding campaign. The ambitious goal of the campaign is to raise €500,000 (close to $700,000), and with only four days left, it still has ways to go.

Maybe it’s time for all those consumer electronics companies and startups that have used Big Buck Bunny and Sintel in the past to start pitching in?