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Red Hat sticks with OpenShift PaaS with new online store

Folks hoping that Red Hat(s rhat) would give up the ghost and dump its own OpenShift Platform as a Service in favor of Pivotal-backed Cloud Foundry, are out of luck. The first official news out of this week’s Red Hat Summit is a new OpenShift online marketplace where enterprise customers can find OpenShift-related third-party applications. Red Hat said the market, which will include ClearDB,, MongoLab, New Relic, Redis Labs, SendGrid, and Shippable products, will go live in a few weeks.

In recent months, Controversy has swirled around the place of PaaS in general and OpenShift in particular. Some cloud pundits maintained that OpenStack, the open-source cloud infrastructure framewor, was  adding PaaS-like features that would negates the need for a PaaS. But then again, subsequent Cloud Foundry adoption by OpenStack-backer Rackspace, which had backed a PaaS-like subsystem for OpenStack, seemed to argue against that contention. Given this news, it looks like Red Hat is sticking to its own PaaS as opposed to embrading Cloud Foundry, as some felt it would.

For a look at the new OpenShift market check out the video below.