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Microsoft puts Office Online apps in the Chrome Web Store

In a bit of an about-face, Microsoft(s msft) added a little support to Google’s(s goog) Chrome strategy by announcing Office Online apps in the Chrome Web Store on Monday. “Apps” is a bit of a misnomer: These are shortcuts for Chrome’s app launcher to the already available web versions of Word, Excel and Power Point. The timing of the gesture is interesting as well: It corresponds with the ZDNet’s reported end of Microsoft’s Scroogled ad campaign today, a series of spots that focused on Chrome OS deficiencies including the fact that they don’t run Microsoft Office.

2 Responses to “Microsoft puts Office Online apps in the Chrome Web Store”

  1. Rann Xeroxx

    I think was are seeing Nadella touch at MS and this would be one of them.

    I hope at some point on the enterprise side they do away with EA restrictions on certain products and just let you buy/license them piece meal. All these walls that were built in the past at MS really need to be torn down. Let great products excel and let products being protected by coupling just fade.

    • Completely agree; in fact, were were just talking about this on our Chrome Show podcast less than 10 minutes ago (the show goes live tomorrow) and noted that Nadella is bringing a change already. Instead of Microsoft trying to keep hold of users in Windows, it’s bringing its apps and services to where users are regardless of their platform choice. Long overdue and a very welcome change IMO.