An expose on the founder of Cool Planet, Transonic & ZPower


The Verge published an indepth expose on eccentric energy and computing entrepreneur Mike Cheiky and how he’s been able to convince Valley venture capitalists to invest in his companies, despite some early questionable scientific claims. Cool Planet announced last month that it raised another $100 million (from folks like Google Ventures, BP, UBS, Goldman Sachs and others), and to which my response on Twitter was “I thought this was an April Fools joke, but looks like not.” The companies that Cheiky has founded have distanced themselves from him, and some have changed directions and business models. But the energy industry is particularly susceptible to what I once called “snake oil energy salesmen and green bamboozlers.”

Cool Planet 3



I honestly feel like this is more of the rule than the exception…


Kate, great article! We need more like this in other tech sectors as well. I am seeing this pattern as well in the emerging space market.

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