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SmartThings adds support for TCP Lighting, Ecobee and Quirky outlet

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Woohoo! SmartThings has added support for TCP Lighting, Quirky Pivot Power Genius, and my personal favorite, the ecobee thermostat. This will allow people who currently use apps to control these devices to control them through the SmartThings app, cutting down the number of places you have to go to control your home and giving users a way to set automation plans that incorporate the newly supported gadgets. I’m excited because I’ll now be able to program an away mode that will lower my thermostats, cut my lights off, lock my doors and shut my blinds.

3 Responses to “SmartThings adds support for TCP Lighting, Ecobee and Quirky outlet”

  1. You guys at gigaom should not support these controllers / apps that have no privacy safeguards. There us no reason why a controller can’t control everything from the actual device locally, that it MUST connect to their servers to siphon data. On top if it, the app even sends your GPS coordinates to their servers. Really sickening…

    • Guess what Joe? I can get your name, address, home sale, relatives, court info online for free and even more for a small fee. If you have a smartphone, everyone has your wifi/gps location. You can’t hide, you can only prepare.