PayPal releases mobile payment app for the Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint reader


With the Samsung Galaxy S5 now available, PayPal(s ebay) is making good on its promise to use the handset’s fingerprint reader. The company released mobile apps specifically for the Galaxy S5 and Samsung’s latest wearables on Friday. Using the phone app, you can log in to your PayPal account with a fingerprint scan instead of a typed password and make payments online or at participating retail locations that access PayPal payments.

PayPal actually announced the software in conjunction with the Galaxy S5 introduction at February’s Mobile World Congress. Until now, however, no devices were available to use the app. Here’s a short demonstration of how the PayPal app works:

The idea of using a fingerprint for account authentication over a typed password is rather timely, given how many sites are now affected by the massive HeartBleed security flaw may have exposed passwords on two-thirds of the world’s servers.

Clearly, neither PayPal nor Samsung knew this would happen when they announced the mobile payment feature in February. The situation could bring awareness to Samsung’s newest phone since it uses biometrics instead of a password. Even if that fingerprint data is stored on PayPal’s servers, they aren’t affected by HeartBleed according to LastPass.

Samsung’s newest handset isn’t the only device that can use a new PayPal new app, however. PayPal is available on the Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch and Gear Fit wearable so you can make payments, redeem offers and receive payment notifications on your wrist.



Wow ! It’s a great news and I appreciate paypal’s decision. The app will be so useful while we will not be sit on our lappi. Thanks paypal and thanks gigaom for sharing such a great news.


I would assume bio-chronometric technology will replace this. Companies such at have created unique human recognition that can determine keyboard type, click, or touch via pc, phone, or tablet. Their first product is which completely eliminates the wasted time spent trying to figure out those jumbled characters.

Johnny Siebold

I read on another site that S5 has NNL Fingerprint Passport. Wonder if it’s Nok Nok Labs.

Johnny Siebold

Fingerprint data never leaves the phone. So, it means it’s never stored on the servers.

Kevin C. Tofel

I assumed that but wanted to hedge my bets. I haven’t seen/heard how/where the fingerprint data is stored but that makes total sense. Thanks!

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