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Google selling Glass to anyone in the US on April 15 for a limited time

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Even if you don’t have a Google(s goog) Glass Explorer invitation, you can soon get your hands on Google’s wearable computer. On Thursday, the company announced a limited promotion on April 15 that opens the doors to anyone in the U.S. to become an Explorer and get a pair of Google Glass with a free frame or shade. This news followed a Verge report that Google was considering such a promotion. To get into the program, you’ll need to sign up here.

Google Glass Bold frames on Kevin

Does this say anything about Google Glass in the consumer market? Perhaps.

The company has steadily increased availability of Glass Explorer invites over the prior year, meaning that they’re less exclusive than they were prior. Some Google Play Music All Access subscribers, for example, could purchase Glass starting in December.

At $1,500, these aren’t an impulse purchase, so I’m wondering if maybe nearly everyone who wants Glass at that price already has the product. That would explain such a promotion that throws in prescription frames or shades — which work really well with Glass — to help save on additional costs, but that’s strictly a guess on my part.

It’s also worth noting that Google launched Glass at Work this week to better help developers create specific apps for vertical business markets. That doesn’t mean Google is abandoning the consumer market for Glass, of course. But it does suggest that at this point in time, Glass may be better suited for specific enterprise use-cases which could then trickle down to more developer interest and apps for consumers.



7 Responses to “Google selling Glass to anyone in the US on April 15 for a limited time”

  1. I think $1,500 is a lot to pay for tech that we will wear on our eyes that essentially says “come and rob me I have money”, but on the same token its some seriously amazing tech!.

    I was watch the Glass promo video last Summer and have wanted to buy one ever since, is it worth $1,500? I think not.

    Thanks for the great Article

  2. laurenteymard

    Great news !
    is it a sign of Google getting closer to an official launch date ?
    or is there an overstock of Google Glass they will clear with this action ?

  3. This is why I podcast rather than do videos more often. ;)

    I agree; it’s a challenge to understand what Glass does or can do for you simply by looking at pictures. I often screencast to a phone what the Glass display is showing when people want to “see” what Glass can do. Of course, I let them try Glass for themselves as well, but you can’t quickly show off a wide range of capabilities in a short time.