Q&A platform Quora raises $80M and aims to expand internationally

Q&A platform Quora has raised $80 million in Series C funding, the company announced Wednesday. The round was led by Tiger Global and including participation from Benchmark, Matrix, Northbridge, and Peter Thiel.

Mark Bodnick, Quora’s head of business operations, declined to confirm how much money the company has raised in total since it launched in 2010, but estimates based on reports at the time of those rounds put total money raised to $141 million. Bodnick said that the money will largely be banked away to keep the platform online indefinitely, and may also be used for international expansion.

Right now, Quora can only be accessed in English, but the company will likely begin translating into international languages to boost accessibility. No particular plans or languages have been decided upon, but Bodnick said that it’s a high priority down the road — and one of the ways that Bodnick says Quora continues to model itself after Wikipedia.

“We want to keep the service running no matter what happens in the future,” Bodnick said. “

Quora has been angling for the past few years to set up a monetization model, whether through ads or other means, but nothing has yet to come to fruition and the company won’t confirm that any plans are in place.

Since its launch in 2010, Quora has gathered content on more than 500,000 topics. It most recently introduced a verified profiles system, which it launched with President Barack Obama’s account.