Mailbox announces apps for Android and Mac desktop

Mailbox, the iOS email app that Dropbox acquired last March, is expanding to two new platforms — Android (s goog) and Mac OS X.

Mailbox for Android, available as of Wednesday, is an equivalent experience to its iOS cousin, but adds a new feature called “Auto-swipe.” When a user takes action on a particular email, like archiving a daily deals wrap-up, Mailbox will remember it and ask to automate that action for the future. Acting as a new filter, all Auto-swipe preferences will be synced across devices.

Starting today, Mailbox uses Dropbox to sync preferences and Auto-swipe patterns across email accounts and devices,” the company said in a blog post. “That means you get a seamless experience no matter which device or email account you use.”

The feature will be available in an update to the iOS app.

But Mailbox for Desktop, released in limited beta for OS X only, is the more exciting product. The minimalistic interface remains true to the app’s mobile roots, and it ports many of the common gestures on Mailbox directly to a trackpad. This means that the app remains consistent across all platforms to keep user confusion low. As of now, no release date is set for the product.

Mailbox for Android. Images courtesy of Dropbox.
Mailbox for Android. Images courtesy of Dropbox.

Mailbox for Android and Mac was one of many announcements made at a Dropbox special event on Wednesday in San Francisco. The company also announced a new business platform, as well as photo-sharing app Carousel.

Check out our interview with Gentry Underwood, co-founder of Mailbox, at Gigaom’s Roadmap conference: