Cloud computing becoming a competitive advantage in the world of gaming


According to,  Just Add Water CEO Stewart Gilray says the PS4 GPU will always win over the Xbox.  “The PS4 has more COMPUTE units, and faster memory and a whole bunch of things, that would make that [Xbox One / PS4 parity] physically impossible to happen.”

“But Microsoft has been showing off the Xbox One cloud computing capabilities. Both systems have pretty much the same processor, although the Xbox One CPU is clocked slightly faster, but in physics and AI heavy situations, cloud computing is claimed to make a huge difference. The cloud computing function provided by Microsoft’s Azure server is already being used in Titanfall, but a new demo shows off how physics calculations can be offloaded.”

As game console developers learn how to push some of the more cumbersome processing to remote cloud servers, the performance efficiencies will likely increase.  Not because the consoles will get faster and faster processors, but because back-end cloud systems will take most of the processing load.

This is also a good test case for the Azure cloud, and thus great PR for Microsoft.  Sony has not been able to exploit the use of cloud computing as much as Microsoft.  Not having that advantage could eventually hurt Sony.  Perhaps being the king of games is more about the cloud, than the console.  That’s pretty cool.




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