Leaked music contract hints at impending launch of Amazon’s Spotify killer


There have long been rumors that Amazon (S AMZN) is working on a Spotify-like music subscription service, and a new leak suggests that the work on such a service is progressing. Digital Music News posted part of a licensing agreement on its website Friday that it claims to have obtained from a music publisher.

The contract mentions that Amazon plans to launch “one or more digital music subscription service(s),” which would be available “as part of a bundle with one or more other Amazon products or services.” One of these services is in all likelihood going to be Amazon’s Prime two-day shipping service, which already includes video content as an added bonus.

The contract also makes mention of an option to offer consumers free access to music, but with limits: Consumers would be able to stream some songs for free, but only once for each recording. That kind of free tier could be a good promotion for the service itself, but the idea isn’t actually all that new. Subscribers of Google’s (S GOOG) Play Music All Access subscription service can already share entire albums with their friends this way, giving them one shot to listen to each song.

Digitial Music News is reporting that publishers were asked to sign this contract by May 1st, suggesting that the launch of Amazon’s music service could be just around the corner. That may also explain why Amazon’s new Fire TV streaming box isn’t offering access to the site’s current music offerings at launch. The company has said that Fire TV owners will be able to access Amazon’s MP3 cloud locker next month.


David Toole

Spotify killer? Now you can read the future? Of course, use of this hackneyed phrase demonstrates total lack of imagination. But if you insist, at least qualify it. How about “potential Spotify killer.” Even that is probably going too far. There have been a lot of so-called “Spotify killers” recently, and Spotify isn’t dead yet.


Very interesting. Is it a conflict of interest if Spotify hosts it’s whole infrastructure on Amazon Web Services? This would be a real deal killer for anyone starting up who is being given a sweetheart deal from Amazon to host in their cloud. Always watch your back.


Not really since Netflix also hosts it’s whole infrastructure on AWS.


I stand corrected. It’s always amazing to find out who is hosting what on AWS. But also a testament to their design, service record and pricing. People do like them that’s for sure.


Your point still stands it like having Eric “the Weasel” Schmidt on your board of directors. It will bite you in the ASS.

Ryan Morano

Just like Google Play was a Spotify killer? Or Beats Music? Or iTunes Radio/Match? I’m sure I’m forgetting a bunch that aimed their sights on Spotify.

Janko Roettgers

Google Play Music and Beats aren’t free, iTunes doesn’t compete directly. And Prime already has 30 million subscribers.

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