Moto G is grand in the UK, grabbing 6 percent market share

Moto G display

How does a handset maker go from practically no market share in a country to 6 percent of sales in half a year? Build a phone like the Moto G, apparently. In a release on Monday, research firm Kantar Worldpanel ComTech says that’s exactly what Motorola has done in the U.K., helping Android to maintain an overall 68.9 percent market share there.

moto g shell

Why the big sales boost? For starters, we’ve noted saturation at the high-end of the smartphone market with more growth actually coming from budget phones that appeal at a lower price. Indeed, Kantar’s report suggests this, saying: “The Moto G in Great Britain has attracted a very specific consumer profile. Almost half of owners are aged between 16 and 24, 83% are male and generally they come from lower income groups with 40% earning under £20,000.”

And while the Moto G is inexpensive — it carries a no-contract price of $179 here in the U.S. with comparable pricing in other regions — it offers a solid smartphone experience. In our Moto G review, we called it the best budget phone money can buy. It’s certainly not the fastest, nor does it have the best camera. It does, however, have a solid 720p display, runs the latest version of Android well and includes some of Motorola’s unique apps such as Assist and Migrate.


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