Google+ update now offers content view statistics to all users


Fans of Google+ (s goog) can now see how far their content has traveled on the social networking site, as the company announced on Monday that all users will now get a number of “total views” alongside their profile. According to the announcement, that figure represents “the sum of your profile, post and photo views since October 2012.” The feature won’t necessarily mean much to individual users, but it’s an interesting way for brands to see how their content has reached others — analytics on Google+ are relatively fuzzy, so this might be a small step towards a deeper analytics platform for brands.


Mike Biddle

How are these views calculated? I have over 550,000 views on my page! +MikeBiddle


Well, it’s about time. Facebook had that feature for a long time on pages. But it’s a good thing Google added the feature also to user profiles.


Lauren, some individuals also “brand” themselves, so I don’t fully agree with your comment that this feature “won’t necessarily mean much to individual users”.

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