This week on Gigaom Research: digital currency development and the European cloud market

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This week Gigaom Research examines two still-evolving ecosystems, the European cloud market and digital currency services. Also popular this week among readers was the most recent cleantech report on machine-to-machine data analytics.

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Cloud: ‘Sector RoadMap: the European cloud infrastructure market’ by Paul Miller

This Sector RoadMap provides companies seeking to operate within Europe a review of noteworthy cloud products and services. It aims to simply the complex set of choices and factors considered in selecting a cloud service by evaluating six representative vendors. The evaluation of suppliers such as GreenQloud and CloudSigma offers a useful snapshot across the industry and its different facets.

European Cloud Sector Roadmap

Source: Gigaom Research


Mobile: Bitcoin and beyond: Understanding the Opportunity in Digital Currency Services and Infrastructure’ by Kristina Yee

This week, Kristina Yee examined the current state of alternative currencies worldwide and the benefits that can result in their adoption. While there is uncertainty regarding how significant digital currency will be, there is enough traction to consider this early technology a serious driver in the evolution of financial systems and services. This report outlines the surfacing ecosystem of alternative currencies and explores the barriers and drivers influencing validation.

Cleantech: Internet of things: the influence of M2M data on the energy industry,’ by Adam Lesser

In this report, Adam Lesser investigated the impact of machine data analytics on energy markets. Although the challenges faced by the smart grid and the oil and gas sectors vary, both are adopting sensor data combined with a layer of analytics to drive efficiencies and lower costs.

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