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Samsung Chromebook 2 official product pages appear, suggesting sales soon

The Samsung Chromebook 2 laptops are due to hit stores in April, so the launch must be close. The laptops are now showing up on Samsung’s Canada site with full specifications, although Samsung’s U.S. site still shows the old model only. The specs and features mostly match what Samsung officially announced earlier this month, but the product pages show a few additional details.

chromebook 2 silver

Both the 11.6 and 13.3-inch models, for example, will work on 802.11ac networks which wasn’t mentioned prior. That feature won’t be available at launch, however: Samsung’s product page says to expect a software update to add support for the newer Wi-Fi specification that offers faster speeds and greater range. Samsung says the Wi-Fi will be three times faster than on the prior model as a result.

The two new Chromebooks also have a Bluetooth radio; something that Chrome OS(s goog) could use for a wireless mouse or perhaps for syncing data from an Android Wear smartwatch. One minor change I spotted between the official announcement and the product pages is a minor weight gain for the 11.6-inch model. Samsung originally said it would weigh 2.43 pounds but the product page suggests a 2.65 pound laptop.

There’s still no official launch date from Samsung on the Chromebook 2 so we don’t know when in April the devices will arrive. Based on the new product page I’m hoping device availability is imminent in the first half of the month.

5 Responses to “Samsung Chromebook 2 official product pages appear, suggesting sales soon”

  1. jay money

    Thank god this has 4gb memory. I still don’t know why Acer would discontinue their 4gb C720. That 2 extra gigs of ram does wonders for performance. I do wish this new Samsung chromebook used a Haswell processor instead of the Exynos though.

  2. Hi, Kevin, you mentioned in the article, “The two new Chromebooks also have a Bluetooth radio; something that Chrome OS could use for…”, and I’m a bit confused. The terminology Bluetooth radio is throwing me a little bit, I haven’t yet seen that phrase used. Would you be able to explain, how this “Bluetooth radio” is different from the previous “Bluetooth” capabilities found on the previous Chromebooks/bluetooth devices?


    • There’s no difference; my apologies if I confused. I only pointed out the Bluetooth capabilities of the new Chromebook 2 because Samsung didn’t mention it or list it in its official release earlier this month.