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New Samsung connected LED bulbs can brighten your smart home

Make room for another connected light bulb vendor: Samsung is moving in. The company announced a new line of LED bulbs on Thursday that will launch at next week’s Light + Building 2014 trade show in Frankfurt. Samsung will offer a range of options for consumers as well as business and will have built-in wireless connectivity.


For the home, Samsung’s LED Smart Bulb fits into traditional fixture sockets and has a variety of control options. The Smart Bulb can be dimmed down to 10 percent brightness while the output color is tunable from 2700K to 6500K for warm or cool white colors. The bulbs should last 15,000 hours, which equates to around 10 years.

By using Bluetooth, Samsung says there’s no need for a hub or access point connection as the lights are controlled by a direct connection to a phone or tablet with a mobile app. Users can control up to 64 Smart Bulbs with the software. Business owners can get the Smart Bulb with a ZigBee radio for centralized management. Samsung is also offering a PAR-series spotlight that combines a bulb, fixture and swivel head.


Samsung getting into the smart bulb business isn’t that surprising. Over the last decade, the company’s name has become synonymous with home entertainment thanks to sales of televisions and packaged media players. Tablet and phone sales have quickly blossomed as well, so combining the power of connected mobile devices with the home makes sense.

You can see that with Samsung’s WatchOn app for television content guides and control on its phones. And with the new Smart Bulbs, you’ll be able to see your family room in a range of whites at the touch of a button.

7 Responses to “New Samsung connected LED bulbs can brighten your smart home”

  1. dilip kumar bajoria

    its good to see that samsung is going to brighten indians houses,with its very very hopeful targets.being an electronic shopkeeper i always welcome techs..i recently purchased a samsung galaxy grand and i truly feel happy.

  2. Jeff Grayson

    These sound like the Robosmart Led Bulbs I use at home using just bluetooth and my phone. In addition to dimming and a programmable timer, the Robosmart bulbs use bluetooth to detect when I am nearby so the lights can be set to switch on automatically when I get home or turn off when I leave. They are convenient so I no longer return to a dark house at night.

  3. larry alexander

    The 15,000 hour estimate on bulb life for LED bulds seems very short. For LED bulbs to get to 50% brightness should be at least doble this estimate (see Cree LED bulb specs). I’m guessing they’re skimping on the heatsinking?

  4. nthoene

    I’m so mad because I bought these other bulbs on an article of a website that didn’t do its research and I just kind of took their word for it (my bad too, I guess) and had to buy a hub for them… and they don’t always even work. I wish I waited for these! No hub sounds great! The hub I have is the cause of most of my problems.