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Amazon press event hints at release of TV streaming device

Looks like we will finally get to see the long-rumored and at-least-once-delayed Roku competitor from Amazon (S AMZN) next week. The company just sent out invites to a media event in New York next Wednesday that promises “an update on our video business.”

amazon video event

The invitation doesn’t mention any hardware announcement, but at this point, it’s pretty clear that Amazon will announce the device next week. The company has been working on a TV streaming device since 2012, and originally intended to launch it in time for the 2013 holiday season, but decided to delay the product launch for unknown reasons.

Here’s what we know so far about Amazon’s TV streamer: The device will be powered by what the company internally calls the Amazon Common OS, which is a forked version of Android that also powers the company’s Kindle Fire tablet. The device will feature Amazon’s Prime Instant video service front and center, but also offer third-party apps, including Netfix and Hulu Plus. And there may be a gaming component to it, since Amazon has been developing a wireless game controller.

2 Responses to “Amazon press event hints at release of TV streaming device”

  1. Based on the rumors, I’m curious who will buy this. Of course, Amazon seems to not have much trouble selling it’s Kindle Fire devices. There must be some demographic I don’t come into contact with much. I’ve only seen one Kindle Fire in the wild, and that was a while ago.