Twitter introduces photo tagging, multiple photos in a single tweet

Twitter Photos

Twitter often uses its mobile apps on iPhone and Android as launch vehicle for new features, which now includes a new way to share photos. On Wednesday, the company announced in a blog post that Twitter users on iPhone will be able to tag up to 10 people in photos, and include up to four photos in a single tweet.


Not only is this a big step for media sharing on the platform — particularly because it allows multiple pieces of rich media into a single tweet that is both visible and embeddable from mobile and desktop — but it also shows Twitter’s efforts to push usernames into the background of tweets. For example, when users tag up to 10 people in a photo, those handles don’t actually show up in the tweet itself. Instead, a list of the usernames shows up subtly above the photo — giving users ample space to alert friends without gobbling up valuable 140-character real estate. While it looks like a page torn out of Facebook’s playbook, tagging photos could be the first step towards dissolving the need to “@” anyone entirely.

According to the blog post, the feature will roll out to the Android and desktop versions of the platform in the near future.


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