Five apps that take Chromecast to the next level


Chromecast(s goog) is primarily used to access video services such as Netflix(s nflx), YouTube and Hulu Plus, but Google’s streaming stick has the potential to do a whole lot more. For a glimpse at Chromecast’s future — and a more interactive Chromecast experience — check out these five apps:


GamingCast for Android is a simple retro game collection for Chromecast that lets you play Snake, Pong, Tetris and Xonix on your TV while using your Android device as a game controller.

gamingcast on chromecast

There is a little lag when playing, but these types of games obviously aren’t exactly known for super-smooth graphics either. GamingCast is fun, but also shows there’s some interesting potential for casual gaming on Chromecast.


QCast for Android is a quiz show that lets multiple players compete against each other. Okay, show is a bit of an overstatement, the game is really very bare-bones, but the questions are just hard enough, and the collaborative aspect works and is actually a lot of fun.


YouTube was the first app that brought multiplayer interaction to Chromecast. This one is another play on the same idea, and it shows that a lot can be done by simply letting more than one person interact with your TV.


Rube for Android is a great app for doodling that allows users to cast their pictures to the big screen. It also supports Emoji, and users can import pictures from their camera roll, take photos, use different page styles and much more. Even better: You can cooperate with multiple people on a picture.

rube screenshot

The only thing that’s missing is a real-time component: strokes are cast after you’ve finished them on your mobile device, not while you’re drawing them, which makes this the wrong app for playing Pictionary. For that, give CastPad for Android a try.

Immersive Weather

Immersive Weather for Chrome is a web app that takes the idea of the Chromecast home screen to the next level by displaying localized weather information on top of a changing slideshow of photos that make your TV look good in your living room.


There are still a few things that could be improved about this experience — for instance, the background photos occasionally look a little pixelated — but it clearly shows that Google could do a lot with Chromecast, especially if the company ever decided to make Google Now available on the device and turn TVs into a kind of personalized ambient information display. For another take on this, also try MyCastScreen for Android.


Jamo for iPhone is a free dance fitness game that lets you wiggle along as instructors dance on your TV. Users can either dance by themselves or compete against someone else. Jamo is currently just available for iPhones(s aapl), and also works with Apple TV as well as PCs, but it’s definitely a fun take on working out for Chromecast owners.




if these apps are the next level for chrome cast then i suppose Google have to go bulilt time machine to go back in the year in which these belongs

Joyfik Ato

Hi Mickey, Videostream cast on chrome application store is your friend then.


Not a bad wall clock. I want my $35 back. Im assuming your article was pure sarcasm. Then your Spot on

John Paul

Such an idiot. Read the package next time. Clearly states what the device does. And it does what it says it will do flawlessly. But I guess if 30$ is going to break your bank, then I’m going to assume you can’t afford hulu and Netflix memberships.

Gary Dauphin

XMBC brother, can’t believe you left that one out….


If this is the Next Level, I believe i will stick with streaming Netflix an Cat Video’s from Youtube.
Immersive Weather….. oohhhhhhh , I can get that by going outside Lol

What may be the Next level?

Plex Integration,
BBC iPlayer(for people who can access iPlayer)
Ability to Record
Better Integration with the Browser( it is much better than it was, but still isn’t perfect)
integration with G+ and all its goodies

Don’t get me wrong, I love my x2 Chromecast’s, but if the above examples are the Next Level of evolution of the chromecast, then it will die a horrible death


What’s wrong with the way Plex works now? It works perfectly for me.

CK monster

Umm, those were his opinions. Look at the available apps and upcoming apps and you can make your own list of “next Level”


Seriously???? I bought Chromecast after being convinced by online ads saying “turn your tv into a smart tv”!!! What utter rubbish!!
After a pretty simple install I tried Youtube, yep, worked a treat, then tried iPlayer, Nope, no matter what i did all it did was display the screen but would not play the content!!
When are decent apps going to become available which will make it even remotely close to a smart tv. Not to mention playing content directly from your tablet? Now that would be VERY handy!!

CK monster

For 30 bucks you expect too much. It’s an amazing little device. Tons of apps out there for video related things. They’re getting new apps slowly. Can’t expect to have a massive library this early in its life. Netflix took a while to be good, a few years of I remember. Also, hulu was a great idea, but it didn’t have enough content for s long time. Patience goes a long way. Still, it’s only 30 bucks, for the price, it does more than enough.

Brad Martin

chromecast support from the native android video player so other apps which use it can be cast

fidl odisho

if chromecast have one life TV channel they’ll make the best selling of this unit


Home screen replacements for the Chromecast seem like a pretty obvious next step. Not just apps you can cast, but being able to change the default.


Possibly, using Chromecast to access Google Drive via mobile device to create and manage documents. Google Earth sharing to explore Street Views on a large screen. Hangouts using the mobile device camera and microphone but casting the opposite party/parties onto the television. All these use streaming services and I restrict myself to Google apps since they’re the most likely to be developed in a wholesome way for Chromecast support.

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