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Chrome Show: Run Android on a Chromebook thanks to Android-x86

Back in 2009, we had Android 1.6 running on a touchscreen Windows tablet. Fast forward to today and you can run Android 4.4.2 on a Chromebook Pixel or  other Chrome OS device. It’s not a merger of Chrome and Android but it’s an interesting option, especially if you have a touchscreen laptop. And speaking of Windows, we discuss an interesting experiment on this week’s podcast: A review of a budget Windows laptop compared to a Toshiba Chromebook 13.

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Today’s Chrome Show episode is sponsored by Backupify.

Hosts: Janko Roettgers and Kevin C. Tofel

Samsung Chromebook 2 to have 125% better performance than the old Chromebook

Meet Photowall, a new Chromecast experiment

Google Now is finally in the stable version of Chrome for Windows(s msft) and Mac OS X(s aapl)

Chrome OS is getting a new video player, or at least a standalone one

Battle of the Toshiba laptops: Chrome OS vs Windows

BBC is already extending programming for Chromecast

Want to merge Chrome OS and Android yourself? You sorta can with the Android-x86 project

App / Extension of the week: Google Slides

3 Responses to “Chrome Show: Run Android on a Chromebook thanks to Android-x86”

    • Hi GBN, This is a podcast. If you click on the soundcloud link, you can listen to it. You can also click on the related links to read more about anything mentioned on the show.

  1. mulkeyjason

    Janko mentions that Google Now doesn’t work for him because he uses different methods of transportation for different commutes. Just wondering if he knows that Google Now can be somewhat customized to set defaults for different commutes? My work commute is by bus, yet when I’m out and about, I prefer to see the time to home by car. In the Google Now settings, I have “How do you usually get around?” set to “Driving”, but “How do you usually commute?” to “Public Transit”. There is also an additional destination that gives me directions by bike because I’ve entered that query a number of times.