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Mobiquity switches on its Bluetooth beacon network covering 100 U.S. malls

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We’ve already started to see Apple(s aap) iBeacons make there way into retail stores across the country, using Bluetooth Low Energy technology to sense and interact with customers as they move throughout a building. But so far those launches have been fairly small scale: Apple Stores, Petco Park, American Eagle Outfitters and a few Macy’s locations.

Mobiquity Networks, however, has been quietly building a large-scale beacon network in large shopping malls across the country, and this week it is opening that network up to the retailers. It’s launching an SDK that can link their mobile apps to its proximity-based network.

Mobiquity said its beacon network touches 3,000 unique retailers with a combined 15,000 storefronts in its malls. The beacons aren’t in the stores themselves, but rather in the corridors and common areas of the malls, but they’re in close enough vicinity to individual shops that Mobiquity can deliver targeted advertising and promotions to customers who agree to receive such notifications.

Retailers can tap into the network in two ways. They can either join Mobiquity’s managed advertising network, which will push messages to customers linked to the mall’s beacon network. Or, through the SDK, retailers can include proximity-based communications in their own apps.

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  1. Stefan Wolpers

    Based on a series of interviews for a planned omni-channel application, I put together a slide-deck – “iBeacons – Fad Or Trend? The Use-Cases For Retail And Omni-Channel Solutions” that lists the challenges and opportunities that the use of beacon-based tracking technology holds for retailer – feedback is very much welcome: