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Major League Baseball’s launched on Microsoft’s (S MSFT) Xbox One Tuesday, giving users of Microsoft’s new game console a way to watch live baseball games as well as replay full games from the archives. As always, blackout rules apply, and users need to have an Xbox Live Gold subscription as well as a Premium subscription — but if you are a cord cutter who want to follow your team from back home, this may be the best way to do it.

5 Responses to “ is coming to the Xbox One”

  1. SF Guest

    I’ve been using the app on Xbox One for about a week now, and the live stream is not very good. I’ve been a long time subscriber of MLB Extra Innings, and decided to try premium this year. Every time I’ve watched a game, I’ve seen the feed suddenly stop and repeat the last 5 seconds or so of the broadcast, and it will repeat that specific segment a few times…then go on with the game and do it again. The picture will go from HD quality, to blurry/grainy SD quality, and back to HD after a while. And the live broadcast feed is often not in sync with the game. I can deal with syncing the broadcast, but the other streaming issues pretty much make the experience unusable. I’ve switched from wifi to a wired connection and this didn’t help. Its probably worth the extra $70 to get MLB Extra Innings on DTV it is so bad!

  2. Guest 2

    Can you get the article straight. It was not “launched” on Tuesday as far as I can tell. It’s not there in the list of apps. says it will be read for “opening day”. So there you have it. Fix your article.

  3. This is going to be my first season with MLB.TV on Apple TV. Its so much cheaper than Time Warner cable and I can also watch on my laptop and phone. Seems like a no brainer to get with the modern era of TV.