LG G2 and G Flex phones getting the Knock Code wake and unlock feature

For the first time in my career, starting a post with a “knock knock” joke would be appropriate: LG announced a firmware update that adds the company’s patented KnockOn feature to the G2 and G Flex handsets. The update will start rolling out next month and will add a unique method of waking and unlocking the phones by knocking on the screen, called the Knock Code.



That may sound insecure but it’s actually not much different than a pattern lock, which was one of Android’s(s goog) native security levels back in 2008. With KnockOn, the display is split into four quadrants. You simply knock on the quadrants between two and eight times in a pattern set previously, which allows for more than 80,000 combinations to unlock your phone.

Gimmicky? Perhaps, but it does work and depending on your physical motor skills, can be a fast way to wake and unlock your phone.

Last month at Mobile World Congress, LG said the Knock Code feature would be coming to several of its products, including the  G Pro 2, G2 mini, F Series and L Series handsets, so the G2 and G Flex are the first to gain the feature with others following.