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Google’s Photowall for iOS turns the Chromecast into an interactive photo viewer

The iPhone(s aapl) camera is among the most popular on the market and for good reason: It’s a great all-around picture taker. You can share photos from an iOS device directly to television with the $99 Apple TV or you could do the same, and a little more, with Google’s(s goog) $35 Chromecast. You’ll need the new Photowall app though, which Google just launched on Sunday.

9to5Mac spotted the new software, which is free in the iTunes App Store for any devices running iOS 6.0 or later. The app is also optimized for the iPhone 5. With it, people on the same network can collaboratively share photos from their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch so the software has a bit of a social component to it. Users can also edit or doodle on the pics with the app. When the Photowall session is complete, Google will automatically create a YouTube video of it for later viewing.

photowall doodle

Photowall is being dubbed as a Chrome experiment, a distinction Google often uses to demonstrate technologies in a fun way. As such, it may never gain any additional features or simply go away in the future. Ironically, Android isn’t part of this experiment as I don’t see a corresponding Photowall app in the Google Play Store. Then again, I’m not sure Android device owners need additional incentives to drop $35 on a Chromecast; it’s more likely Google is showing off the Chromecast capabilities to iOS users who might not otherwise know about the inexpensive streamer for video, photos, browser tabs and music.

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  1. It remains a mystery why more Google services have yet to add Chromecast support. Google cannot force other companies to add support, but it should be able to control its own developers. I’d love to see the Google+ photos app add support for casting photos, videos, and slideshows. YouTube could add support for live-streaming, that seems like a no-brainer. Google Docs should let you cast presentations and other documents. These are all low-hanging fruit that Google has yet to pluck.

    • Unable to login… it finds the device in network… but after that ask for login to google account via safari or chrome… after login says try again something wrong.