Get notified: Google Now brings contextual information to the Chrome browser


After months of appearing in experimental and beta versions of Chrome(s goog), Google is rolling out Google Now notifications in its mainstream edition of the Chrome browser for Windows(s msft) and OS X(s aapl). If you’re signed in with your Google account when using Chrome, you’ll begin to see contextual notifications from the Google Now service, such as when to leave for appointments due to real-time traffic data or reminders for favorite television programs. The Google Now service already supports mobile devices and Chromebooks and will also be the basis of smartwatches built using the Android Wear software platform.



But what are the implications for user-metadata collection? Ya, Google sells ads – but I’m sure there are markets ripe for development beyond ad serving for one’s metadata. I don’t iquite understand why there’s not been an explosion of meta-data collection free services like Duck-Duck-Go? I’d say this could be a major market as well (once folks understand the implications of metadata collection).

Corey W Sheldon

when are non chromeOS/chromiumOS distros fetting ported

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