This week on Gigaom Research: A review of data discovery tools and tectonic shifts in networking


In tandem with the Gigaom Structure Data conference this week, Gigaom Research published our Sector RoadMap on data discovery tools. Reports also new and popular this week include Mark Leary’s analysis of software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV), in addition to our European app economy survey.

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Sector Roadmap: “Data Discovery in 2014” by Andrew Brust

This week, analyst Andrew Brust analyzes data discovery tools in his new Sector RoadMap by scoring six representative suppliers against disruption vectors like self-service and mobile capabilities. Brust’s analysis of vendors like Datameer and Tableau is helpful for tech buyers looking to choose a product best suited to their situation.

Cloud:SDN, NFV, and open source: the operator’s view” by Mark Leary

In this report, Mark Leary analyzes two of the more dramatic oncoming technology shifts in networking. He also pinpoints the role of open source in the widespread adoption and ultimate success of SDN and NFV solutions. This report is supported in part by an extensive Gigaom Research survey of over 600 operators in North America.

Mobile: Sizing the EU app economy” by David Card and Mark Mulligan

Gigaom Research forecasts the European app market’s growth by pulling insights from two surveys of app developers in “Sizing the EU app economy.” According to analysts David Card and Mark Mulligan, the emerging app economy has the potential to reboot a struggling Europe and infuse the European Union with startup energy. The report also takes a look at the profiles of the app-developer workforce.

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