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Microsoft says it will change email access policy

Microsoft(s msft) has made it a bit more difficult for its own people to snoop on customers’ email after reports arose that it looked at a user’s Hotmail account¬†to find a leak.

New rules now prohibit the company from looking at customer mail without running it by two legal teams that are separate from the internal investigation and making sure that they have enough evidence to warrant a court order in other cases, according to The Guardian.

Microsoft VP and Deputy General Counsel John Frank also said future searches will be targeted to the matter at hand and not be used to sniff out other information. The company will report the number of searches and how many customers were affected in its twice-a-year transparency report.

The company was trying to find out who disclosed secret information to a blogger, according to a document spied by Business Insider. Microsoft did not apologize but Frank said it wanted to provide more context on its approach.

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3 Responses to “Microsoft says it will change email access policy”

  1. google scans your email and serves you ads. microsoft scans your email and serves you subpoenas. LOL. they should update their scroogled site that bashes gmail.