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Spanish IaaS provider Gigas picks up an extra $2.7M to fund Latin American push

Gigas, a Spanish infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) outfit that’s pushing hard into Latin America, has picked up an additional $2.7 million in funding to add to the $6.4 million it already had. Existing investors Cabiedes & Partners, Bonsai Venture Capital and Caixa Capital Risc ponied up the new cash.

The IaaS provider has been running for around three years now. It began in the Spanish market, then expanded to Colombia, Chile and Peru. It now has around 3,000 customers, including the airline Iberia, local United Nations offices and the analytics firm SAS.

Gigas also has a small office in London, but right now 80 percent of its business is in Spain and 20 percent is in Latin America, CEO Diego Cabezudo told me.

“Being a Spanish company and especially having the language and the business culture is extremely important,” Cabezudo said. “Part of the business culture is we like to do business face to face. Look at remote sales — we’ve never had a successful catalog sales company in Spain.”

Gigas runs a homegrown platform on top of KVM, with the control panel giving customers console access to the servers. “For example, if you have a problem with the booting sequence, with Amazon(s amzn) you wouldn’t be able to answer that question and therefore can’t boot the machine,” Cabezudo said. “With us you see the machine booting; you see what the problem is. If it’s a question you press ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and everything works as normal.”

Another feature is one-click switching between Intel(s intc) and AMD(s amd) processors (supporting up to 64 CPUs for analytics applications). Gigas has a Tier 3 data center in Madrid and a Tier 4 data center in Miami, serving Latin America — though it intends to open another data center in Latin America itself sometime this year.

“We’ve seen a huge opportunity in Latin America and we want to keep expanding there,” Cabezudo said.