Samsung’s answer to 4K content delivery: a $300 hard drive

Samsung really wants to offer consumers who buy one of its new, 4K-capable TV sets access to ultra-high-definition content — and it has found a pretty remarkable way to do so: Beginning next month, the company will start to sell consumers a hard drive pre-loaded with 4K movies. The price tag of this product, which the company calls Samsung UHD Video Pack? $300.

For that money, consumers will get a 1TB hard drive that will contain 4K versions of five Hollywood movies: The Counselor, Night At The Museum, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, G.I. Joe: Retaliation and World War Z. The drive will also contain three unnamed documentaries. And if those movies are not to your liking, you’ll get another chance later this year, when the company will bundle more titles for another edition of the UHD Pack.

Now, I went to Amazon to see how much I would have to pay to get those five movies as Blu-ray discs. Turns out it’s a lot less. All five movies together would set you back around $70. Add a portable 1 TB hard drive, from Samsung no less, and you’d only spend $140.

Of course, that would only get you HD versions of the movies, not 4K, but one has to seriously wonder whether consumers would be willing to pay such a steep premium for that. And of course, an overpriced product like the UHD Video Pack may make 4K streaming options from companies like Netflix, Amazon and M-GO, which Samsung TVs will also support, look even more desirable.