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Backblaze’s newest storage pod holds 180TB at 5 cents per GB

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Cloud backup startup Backblaze open sourced its first storage system in 2009, and has been making them bigger and (most of the time) cheaper ever since. On Wednesday, the company released its latest version that doesn’t boost capacity over the last iteration — it’s still 180 terabytes — but does drive the cost of the whole system down to just $9,305, or just over 5.1 cents per gigabyte.

Backblaze laid out the details in a blog post, mostly focusing on changes to the pods’ power supplies and faster processors. More interesting, however, might be its inclusion of information about how much it costs to build the system yourself versus buying from 45 Drives, a company that builds and sells the Backblaze pods commercially. Already last year, the number of companies and institutions building their own drives was growing pretty fast.


If you want to hear more about the history of Backblaze, its business model and its rationale for open sourcing storage arrays, listen to this interview with Founder and CEO Gleb Budman from the Structure Show podcast in October.

2 Responses to “Backblaze’s newest storage pod holds 180TB at 5 cents per GB”

  1. The cost per GB on the storage pod 2 is off by a factor of 10. Also, there are 1,024 GB in a TB, so the math isn’t accurate for any of the pods. A little review will go a long way in adding some credibility to this article.