Nitrous.IO scores $6.65M to eliminate messy development set up

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Credit: Nitrous.IO

Nitrous.IO, the startup that aims to free developers from the gruntwork of configuring, patching and otherwise futzing with workstation-based development environments, now has $6.65 million in A Series funding led by Bessemer Venture Partners.

The company’s pitch is that instead of installing and tweaking development environments on their laptops — which can be time-consuming and annoying — developers can get right to work using Nitrous.IO’s Web IDE using their iPad(s aapl) or Android(s goog) tablets. They can share those development  environments with workgroup members, clients or partners. If they are wed to their Macbooks or Windows PCs, they can also use Nitrous in conjunction with their favorite desktop editor. The Nitrous Web IDE runs on Amazon(s amzn) Web Services. screen

Nitrous.IO Co-founder Arun Thampi said VMware(s vmw), Oracle(s orcl) and Microsoft(s msft) offer technology to virtualize the developer’s entire machine in the cloud — and that does address their dependence on their physical device. But those products do not necessarily make it easier to set up the development environment in the cloud-based virtual machine.

“In fact,” Thampi said via email, “they add another layer to learn and manage and requires you to download gigabytes of data to your local machine at a time the world is moving to thinner and thinner clients which have very little state. Our solution focuses on the needs of the developers so they can focus on coding rather than tedious and repetitive environment setup.”

Easing development set up is a big challenge, and one that Hashicorp’s popular Vagrant tool also attacks, although Vagrant is a wrapper for VMware or Virtual Box virtualization backends so users still have to download, configure and manage data on their local workstations.

Nitrous.IO was founded in 2012 by Andrew Solimine, Thampi , and P.J. Kim  (pictured above left to right) and claims more than 100,000 developers have signed on over seven months.

Seed investors in the company including 500 Startups, Crunchfund, Eduardo Saverin, Golden Gate Ventures  participated in this round as well. Nitrous.IO also claims some high-profile advisors including James Yu, who co-founded Parse, now part of Facebook.

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For the languages they support, i get why they are doing this. The IDE i use is much easier to support on the desktop.

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