Report: Apple to launch a cheaper 8GB iPhone 5c on March 18

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Credit: Apple

Apple is expected to launch an 8GB model of its iPhone 5c handset as early as tomorrow,(s aapl) based on a Monday report from Engadget. The site has an alleged document from O2 Germany(s tef) suggesting the entry-level edition will cost 60 Euros less than the current 16 GB iPhone 5c. Engadget also has an image depicting an 8GB version of the phone. If true, the move could support expectations that its iPhone 5c hasn’t been selling well and the company is looking to boost sales by making the phone more accessible to those with tighter budgets.

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These are funny story developments:

1. … supporting “expectations that its iPhone 5c hasn’t been selling well”. Expectations, rumors, etc.

2. Digitimes spreads rumors that there are 3 million iPhone 5C sitting in warehouses in Asia. Is Apple now opening every phone and ripping 8GB (at least) out to sell it with 8 GB? Or do they build even more 5C to sit in warehouses (now with 8GB memory)?

With apple rumors it never gets old … ;)

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