Straight Talk offers $7 nano SIMs for iPhone 5s, 5c and Moto X

Is this your new home hub?

Mobile virtual network operator Straight Talk started offering nano SIM cards for service in Apple’s iPhone 5s or 5c and Motorola’s Moto X handsets on Thursday. The cards can be ordered directly online from Straight Talk or at WalMart retail stores. With the right SIM card for your AT&T or T-Mobile handset, you can get service from Straight Talk for $45 a month.

Straight Talk nano SIM

I have looked at Straight Talk’s plans in the past, finding they offer a solid service and a good value, but there is one caveat. While you do get unlimited voice minutes and text messaging for your $45, the “unlimited” data is actually only 2.5 GB per month. If you hit that limit in a billing cycle, Straight Talk will reduce your mobile broadband speeds until the next billing cycle starts.

Aside from that, there’s little downside provided you can follow the easy instructions to configure your phone.¬†Straight Talk uses the same networks as the major carriers so you’re getting the same service as if you were with T-Mobile or AT&T, for example; It simply offers the plans as a bring-your-own-phone approach.The company has even added support for 4G LTE data if your phone supports it; something it didn’t offer when I reviewed the service nearly two years ago.

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