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Apple reportedly sticking with Samsung for A8 chip production

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It looks like Samsung might have something to do with the next iPhone after all. According to ZDNet Korea (hat tip to Apple Insider), a Samsung official said that the company has already signed a manufacturing agreement and is getting ready to start production of Apple’s(s aapl) new A8 processor.

Last week it was reported that Apple was shifting A8 production to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC), as Samsung struggled with poor production yields. Apple’s strained relationship with Samsung lent credence to the idea, but a similar rumor played out last year, and ultimately the iPhone 5s shipped with silicon from Samsung.

According to the report, shipments of the chip will begin in the fall, which of late has been the time when Apple unveils its latest phones and tablets.

3 Responses to “Apple reportedly sticking with Samsung for A8 chip production”

  1. Samsung makes money precisely because of deals such as this. They have and enormous and broad market base, from consumer up through industrial. Having Apple as a customer gives them volume advantages for their own fabrication services, and also gives them broader experience with their process model on other chip architectures. It is a win for them on income and a win for them on science and engineering.

    • pkdecville

      “Samsung makes enough money without apple, they should dump apple.”

      Interesting thought. How would they develop The Next Big Thing â„¢?