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Google exec: We’ve sold millions of Chromecast adapters

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Google(S GOOG) has sold “millions” of Chromecast adapters since it first introduced the device last summer, said Google Chrome and Android SVP Sundar Pichai at SXSW Sunday, according to multiple reports. Pichai added that Chromecast sales are growing “very actively,” and reiterated that the company wants to bring it to many more countries soon.

This is the first time anyone from Google has publicly commented on Chromecast sales, but there’s been some clues before that hinted at Chromecast being a success story for Google. The device was sold out for weeks after it was introduced, and has remained the best-selling consumer electronics product on AMZN) for months, selling even better than Amazon’s Kindle. And during Q4 of 2013, Google saw its revenue coming from hardware sales shoot up – something that executives directly related to the success of the Chromecast.

Of course, we won’t really know how Chromecast sales compare to sales of competing products like Apple TV(S AAPL) and Roku unless Google gives us some more concrete numbers. Roku said earlier this year that it has shipped close to 8 million of its players to U.S. consumers over the years. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said that his company made $1 billion with Apple TV in 2013, but that number included media sales.

12 Responses to “Google exec: We’ve sold millions of Chromecast adapters”

  1. I got mine last Christmas and I LOVE IT. This makes it so easy to upgrade any TV to a smart TV. I even got one for my smart TV because the Vizio smart TV interface was so clunky, slow, difficult to navigate, takes forever to input search info and launch, and they don’t push software updates so the apps are quickly becoming outdated, and well, you get the idea. Plus at $35 it’s much cheaper to buy the comparable non smart TV on the market and add a Chromecast device to it. Chromecast is extremely intuitive to use. If you’re already browsing YouTube, Hulu, Netflix on your computer, phone or tablet all you have to do is push an icon in the video player to play it on your TV. It’s the same level of difficulty as making the video full screen. Incredible. The only knock is the limited apps that are compatible right now. But the current apps cover 90% of my TV viewing now. And more and more video services are investing in developing Chromcast compatibility.

  2. So from this we can conclude that the Chromecast has sold more than 2 million devices.

    Starting in November, I periodically enter the Time/Date and the number of reviews on Amazon for Chromecast in a spreadsheet, because I was interested to see if it was getting more or less popular. I can tell you that it’s popularity steadily increased throughout the holiday season, and stayed at over 100 reviews a day through January. However, since then it has dropped a lot, to the point that it’s only 55 reviews a day, which is an all time low. I’m not sure if this is just a seasonal thing. But there were more reviews popping up in early November than there are today.

  3. David Aaron McInnis

    I bet a lot of us purchased a Chromecast, However if I am an indication of usage, few of us are actually using the thing. Does very little. Too complicated to operate from iOS devices. A long way to go for Chromecast to be a contender.

    • I’ve never used it from an iOS device (or only really briefly), but I use it all the time from my Android devices. If the phone didn’t have lockscreen controls or notification shade controls, it would be a lot less useful to me. Those things are so important for making the experience quick and easy.

      I think one of the bigger barriers to a Chromecast type of control taking over is Apple. Lots of people have iPhones, and Apple is in no hurry to make them work better with the Chromecast. In fact, Apple has made a point of making it more difficult to use competitor’s services in the past (look at reading apps) so if anything you can expect the experience to get worse over time.

      Here’s an article that talks about the compromises of using an iPhone with the Chromecast:

  4. Ice Cowboy

    Where are the enabled 3rd party apps? Or at least casting from Chrome tabs in the Android browser….?

    S’what I’ve been waiting for.

    Has the SDK been generally released…?

    • Dave Warner

      I’m also disappointed by the lack of 3rd-party app support. Spotify, Soundcloud, and Mixcloud could all benefit from Chromecast support. Seems like Google is really dropping the ball on this.

  5. mike154

    I had to ask my daughter in NYC to send me one to the UK. Love how I can use it to add Netflix to my existing line-up, and get GP Movies on the big screen. And it’s direct streaming too, not simply mirroring.

    They need to get UK content though for a UK release.