Samsung’s official Galaxy S5 cases appear

The Galaxy S5 isn’t scheduled for release until April, but it’s never too soon to start thinking about how you’re going to dress it up. UK-based online retailer MobileFun claims to have images and pricing for Samsung’s official Galaxy S5 cases, which include everything from a standard plastic shell to an S-View case with built-in wireless charging.

Galaxy S5 plastic case

All of these cases are variations on designs we’ve seen for existing Samsung smartphones. The standard protective case (above) is a clear plastic cover, made from thermoplastic, designed to protect the phone from scratches. There’s also the standard S-View cover (at the top), which replaces the back cover of the phone and features a cutout on the front that allows you to view incoming calls and messages.

Samsung is also offering a wireless charging cover, which is basically the same concept as the S-View cover, but provides built-in support for charging your phone wirelessly via the Qi charging standard.

Galaxy S5 wallet case

Finally, there’s a wallet cover (above), which again works similarly to the S-View cover in that it replaces the back panel of your phone. Instead of a cutout on the front, however, there’s a pouch on the inside that lets you store cards or cash. Most of the cases come in multiple color options and feature Galaxy S5 branding.

Though the Galaxy S5 itself has been rumored to come with a lower price tag than previous models, these cases are priced as premium accessories. Converted from euros, the standard plastic cover goes for $33.99, while the wireless charging cover goes as high as $91.99. There are sure to be plenty of third-party options available as well, though, if you’re looking to save some money.